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The Grand Plan

This is our initial plan: Day 1 -- Starting in the Bay Area, driving up north to Winnemucca, NV Day 2 -- Further north to Idaho - Twin Falls Day 3 -- Highway 88 to Idaho Falls and then to Wyoming - Jackson Day 4 -- Relaxing at Yellow Stone Park Day 5 -- Crossing Wyoming towards Sheridan Day 6 -- From Wyoming to South Dakota - Rapid City Day 7 -- Relaxing at Mount Rushmore Day 8 -- Continue through South Dakota to Sioux Falls Day 9 -- Through Minnesota to Minneapolis and St. Paul Day 10 -- Madison - Milwaukee to Chicago Day 11 -- Enjoying Chicago, dining and night life Day 12 -- From Chicago through Indiana and Ohio to Cleveland Day 13 -- Crossing Pennsylvania to Philadelphia Day 14 -- Relaxing in Philadelphia Day 15 -- From Philadelphia to Washington D.C. Day 16 -- Exploring Washington Day 17 -- Along the Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk Day 18 -- Relaxing in Virginia Beach Day 19 -- Crossing North Carolina westward to Knoxville Tennessee Day 20 -- Crossing Tennessee to Nashville Day 21 -- Me

Why not - why not now

Many people around the world dream about touring the Unites States from coast to coast and enjoy the country in between. Typically you do that when you retire. But my wife and I are not ready for retirement - but we are so ready for a "Grand American Tour". The typical years of preparation kind of collapsed to a week or so. Oh well, thanks to Internet,, Google's satellite views of the world, a great service at AAA and a few very good tips from helpful friends we get the tour planed out pretty well. A few days ago we decided we will leave in two weeks. Enough to coordinate jobs and prep the tour - we hope :-).