Day 20: Outer Banks, NC

Thursday 9/21
After a great breakfast in the Golf Club we tour Colonial Williamsburg. We are so happy that we decided to stay here. There was so much to see that it would definitely not fit in the blog but we will describe the details later in the book. One of the most interesting take away for me was the fact that not only people live here to demonstrate the life from back then but also build everything with the tools and in the traditions from the 1600s – and also teach others those techniques like to build wagons or wheels. That way not only the houses and many artifacts but also craftsmen’s techniques are preserved for the future.
In the afternoon we drive further towards Virginia Beach, stay there for a picnic and then take 168 to the Outer Banks where we stay in the Sea Ranch. Thanks to the suggestion from our friend Kurt Keese we decided to do a little detour and have 2 days at the Outer Banks. It is a beautiful place south of Virginia Beach.


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