Day 7: Buffalo, WY - Keystone, SD

Friday 9/8
We get up early and leave for our next target: Mount Rushmore near Rapid City, SD. We continue I-90. The land get’s flatter, yet more green. We called I-90 rabbit death road. If we would have counted it would probably be 100 dead rabbits on the road. That was depressing. The rolling hills went on and on and we saw more and more farms right and left of the Interstate. We arrived in Keystone and Mount Rushmore at lunch time. Even so the picture is so well known – it is impressive to see it in reality. Since every hotel offers Internet access we decided to stay here in Keystone in the Mount Rushmore President’s View resort. A relaxing lunch break allowed us to watch tourists leaving and entering their respective busses from New York, Chicago and California. We used this afternoon for updating the blog, uploading photos, do some laundry and relax.

It’s our first week now on the road. 1,809 miles so far, about 600 pictures taken and the second time we have Internet. We saw so much, it feels like we are already weeks on the road. But since Marita was searching for her keycard to operate the elevator, we felt we need some more time off. Tomorrow we plan to cross South Dakota and stay in Sioux Falls.


Anonymous said…
Hi Axel and Marita, This is Janet Diamond. I love your blog! Your perspective is great. I plan to read it every week. Enjoy.
Anonymous said…
Hi Axel and Ita,
it is really great you 2 made this showcase. I´m looking forward to read about your upcoming adventures. Love ya
Anonymous said…
Hi Marita,

We are all traveling with you in spirit here at BlueRoads. I hope you have a blast and I will continue to read your blogs each day.

Take Care
Mike Owenby
Robin said…
Hi Guys!!

I've been reading every update you guys make. I love the cute little details and almost feel like I'm with there with you for some of it. It really sounds like you're enjoying the trip.

Miss you!
Robin E

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