Day 2: Winnemucca - American Falls

Sunday 9/3
We got up pretty early and decided to have Breakfast at the Griddle in Winnemucca. What a lovely place – HIGHLY recommended. We set outside at the patio and welcomed our second day on the trip. Not only that the breakfast was excellent this place was as clean as it can get. Now back onto I-80 north/east towards American Falls, our next stop over. We continued to see deserts and gambling halls in an interesting exchange. It was simply astounding to see how those towns develop. Yesterday at Sparks we thought there are more than 1,000 new homes under development. Today pretty much every village looks like in huge growth mode. What a difference compared to Idaho. We did a short stop right after Rogerson, ID at the Deep Creek. It was lovely, almost romantic. We drove further towards Twin Falls where we missed the exit to I-86 east – VERY fortunately. After a detour and a shortcut right before Hansen (on our way back to HWY 50) we had to cross the Snake River at a gorgeous canyon (picture). We stopped and walked across the bridge. It was a bid dangerous because there is no walkway but it was absolutely worth it. Another person – actually from Twin Falls – stopped since he saw us and told us he passed that bridge hundred times and never saw the beauty below it. He told us some old stories about Snake River and we both went on. Back on track we followed I-86 east, meeting Snake River many times. Short before American Falls we stopped at a little park off the Highway called Massacre Rocks. What a nice place to go fishing or let your boat to water. Now it was time to find our next place to stay over in American Falls. After driving through the village we had to ask somebody for the way. “Oh cross the dam, pass by John’s $2 Million home and after about 6 or 7 miles you see a sign to Fair View Inn”. It was easy to find. All I can say: If you need to stay in or around American Falls, the Fair View Inn is the place to go. Don and Esther Giesbrecht, the Inn Keeper treated us like we were part of their family. It was Sunday and after they came home in the evening from their church service we set at least till 10 o’clock at night outside and just talked. What a cozy place. We had a great bottle of wine to kill and Esther was serving us with fresh peaches and a home made Jam you just can’t buy for money.


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