Day 4: Jackson, WY - Yellow Stone

Tuesday 9/5
In the morning we have a continental Breakfast with great cake at the Jackson Inn and leave for the Great Teton Park. How ever we do a nice little detour about 5 miles after Jackson straight into the tundra north of Jackson - now we really appreciate the 4 wheeler. From far we saw a large herd of buffalos and following a trace we come closer and closer. We keep a distance of about 1/2 mile and shot down the engine. There is nothing but the wind, the smell of the herd and about 50 buffalos that ignore us. The wind comes west so they won't smell us - but we surely smell them. We just sit on the roof of the Jeep and watch them. This is so wonderful, our greatest experience so far.

We return to the road and go further north towards Teton Lake. The Tetons are so majestic and impressive because they come strait out of the ground and raise to their full size with no other mountain or even hill in between. We follow the lake, have a break at the lake and continue to Yellow Stone Park. At the park entrance we stopped at the visitor center and were so lucky to get the only bed available in the whole park, in Canyon Lodge. We pass West Thumb and hit straight to the lodge. On our way we realized we should have stopped – but we’ll come back tomorrow. The Canyon Lodge lays directly at Yellow Stones Grand Canyon, which we will see in the morning – it’s already to dark and we are too hungry. At lunch we ordered a bottle of wine and the waitress had her coming out when she brought the wine “I never opened a bottle of wine”. Just the way she looked you could tell she was not joking. We had a great time.

We shot around 280 Pictures by today
168 miles today - 1,141 miles so far


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