Day 31: San Antonio - Ozona, TX

Monday 10/2
We leave San Antonio in northerly direction on I-10 towards Carlsbad New Mexico. After a few miles we toured around some very nice new communities and checked homes and pricing. Like Houston a very attractive retirement area. Homes are about 25% of what we pay in California. We hit the road again and make a detour to Fredericksburg. This is a very cute little German village with German food and a funny German-English dialect. Of course we try a real German lunch. It is amazing how a humans taste can change. The Braten was good but we are just not in German food any more. We drive through the old town of Fredericksburg with its many little shops and restaurants and drive back onto I-10. To our big surprise Texas continues to be so green. For what ever reason we expected a desert scene but there is so much forest and green meadows. Since the sun set and we are tired we stead over in a Best Western in Ozona, a little village on I-10. To our big surprise the motels where almost completely booked – we got the last room. Hunting season started that weekend.


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