Day 35: Durango, CO

Friday 10/6
We planned to take the old train to Silverton today, but it rains cats and dogs. Since Ashville, 2 weeks ago we had no rain. But now we are hit again by a thunderstorm. We decided to stay here for a few days and simply wait until it’s over. We hang out in Durango, and do some maintenance work: write the blog, update maps, hair dresser and other things. One of the things we did was reviewing the pictures we shot. Only one had a strange shadow, like a ghost, it was a picture from Sandusky, OH. After we researched the Internet, indeed a ghost is known in Sandusky, trying to contact Germans… hmmm…. Oh well, unfortunately we don’t believe in ghosts but added the picture to the blog. J
We try to get some accommodation for Saturday and then plan to stay here until Thursday when the bad weather is expected to be over. Even so it is not planned but it is actually a welcome stop. We are so overwhelmed with exciting, beautiful and interesting impressions from that tour so far that we feel kind of an impression overflow. So why not walking in the rain, sleeping long, and writing down our impressions and relax a bid. Yes, there is so much to see and do here in Durango, so that people do a two weeks action packed vacation. Train riding, hiking, enormous and beautiful bike rides, hiking, fishing, hunting, “thin air touring” and so much more – but we just want to relax and review.


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